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Learn about Upgrade Pass
Buy one Upgrade Pass. Upgrade many times. Save up to 75%!    
Upgrade Pass (UP) is the most convenient and cheapest way to pre-purchase multiple upgrades to Business/First Class at a very low price (up to 50% less, much lower than buying single upgrades separately) and book upgrades later when needed. It makes the sign-up process of Upgrade Travel Option (UTo) much more convenient and cheaper. You get the advantage of locked-in upgrade prices over a year. Pool and share your Upgrade Pass with your family, friends or colleagues for maximize flexibility and savings.

Enjoy all of the associated upgrade comforts like flatbeds, comfortable seats with spacious Legroom, delicious on-board meals & drinks, priority checking & boarding, lounge access, Extra Baggage allowance and so on.
How does it work?

Buy an Upgrade Pass with your desired number of upgrades, validity period, travel zone (list of destinations), upgradable cabin and number of enlisted passengers.
Upon purchasing Upgrade Pass (UP), you can redeem the designated number of Upgrade credits during your validity period to sign-up for upgrades on your booked flights.
Upgrade Pass includes the Upgrade fare and all the taxes for the designated number of upgrades you wish to avail on flights included in your travel zone. Thus, when you apply for an Upgrade using your Upgrade Pass, you do not have to pay any additional amount.You are notified of your Upgrade status usually one to three days but no later than four hours before the flight departure.
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How can I buy an Upgrade Pass?
Visit www.Optiontown.com and select the 'Upgrade Pass' tab.
Select airline, type of cabin upgrade, Travel Zone, Travel Period and the number of passengers to search for upgrade passes.
Select your desired Upgrade Pass from the search results.
Review and make payment to complete the purchase transaction.
Now, you are ready to book upgrades by redeeming your Upgrade Pass.
How to book upgrades with Upgrade Pass?
Visit www.Optiontown.com and select the Upgrade Pass tab.
Click on Redeem Pass/Book Upgrades section, and login to your 'My Optiontown' account.
Select the Upgrade Pass you wish to redeem and the flight(s) you want to apply for upgrade.
Review and confirm your selection.
You are notified of your Upgrade status via email usually one to three days but no later than four hours before the flight departure. If not upgraded, the upgrade credits are added back to your Upgrade Pass.
Upgrade Pass Benefits
  • Luxury within your budget
  • Customized for you
  • Upgrade any one or more
  • Perks of premium class
  • Automatic credit addback
  • Pool and Share
  • Maximize your upgrade chances
  • Easy to move upgrade in case of a flight change
  • Easy to change / manage
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